Very Good Work 
I have all of my tailoring done here, and they are always excellent - good quality work, fast, and so sweet and lovely.  

Monica Baker

Quality Work at low pirces 
Excellent dry cleaners in general.  They are very polite and accommodating as far as when you need to pick up your clothes (within reason of course).  Prices are fairly reasonable for dry cleaning and pressing button down shirts. 

Mark Albertson

I am Glad I found you guys 
I live in Redondo Beach for over ten years, and I am soory that I did not find Beach Citi Cleaners. From my wife's blouses and evening gowns to my suits and my custom made shirts everything they clean and launder is returned in perfect quality and presentation. I have been using them for over a year and absolutely have no complaints but only praises .

Jacob Morris

Great Service and Great value
Simply the Best: Great Service and Great value. A pleasure each and everytime. Hard to believe I am saying this about drycleaning but its true. Check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Emily Thomas